Version 21.1
Build the strongest empire and wage epic war! Greed for Glory is a 3D combat strategy game with endless building, battle, and defense tactics. Wage war against Orcs, or with thousands of players online!

Greed for Glory is a brilliant city defense game that combines strategic building with fast-paced, epic battles. Lead a mighty army of Knights, Elven Archers, Wizards, and other fantasy creatures in tactical war with others online. Construct an unbeatable fortress, create a massive city and raid others villages to earn glory!
Free to Play!
Turn your small village into a massive impenetrable fortress
Battle against other players, or advance through 100+ campaigns
Progress your tribe through six technological ages
Construct and upgrade towers, gold mines, iron quarries, wall mazes, and trebuchets
Recruit Brutes, Knights, Goblins, and other creatures to battle in catastrophic crusades
Employ countless strategies of defensive and offensive tactics to surpass your rivals